CrossFit Texoma Guidelines

  • Trust the Programming.  We have goals in mind for "ALL" of our members when selecting skills, strength and WODS (Workout of the Day).  Your fitness level will improve if you buy into the program and you shred the workout each time you come to the box.  Our coaches know how to scale and substitute for you,  so don't hesitate to ask.  In CrossFit, the term "Rx'd (Prescribed) denotes the a WOD was completed as with no scaling or modifications, with full range of motion (ROM).  In the CrossFit world marking something as "Rx'd" is very special and sacred.  It's a benchmark to show that you have significantly increased and transformed your fitness level to where your mobility, strength, and flexibility has allowed you to complete the WOD as Rx'D!!!
  • Workout with Integrity and Purpose.  Your WOD times, total reps, total rounds, weight used, score etc...matters!!!  Keep track of these numbers, this shows you if you're improving and increasing your fitness level.  Also CrossFit encourages a little competition between those that are around the same fitness level, this also helps push each other to get better.  In order to transform yourself and increase your fitness level, complete every repetition of every workout.  If you miss a rep, redo it, don't cheat, no one likes a cheater.  Be honest with everyone and be honest with yourself.  If necessary use chalk and the little rubbers squares that are provided on the workout floor to keep track.
  • Be a Positive Community Member.  Check your ego at the door.  One thing that glaringly sets CrossFit apart from "Traditional Gyms" is the community aspect.  This means you're not in the gym for just yourself or to do your own thing.  You're in the gym to help others get better and get better yourself by working out in a community.  Cheer on members finishing a workout in the class before yours or for the "last man standing" in the WOD you just completed.  Its stinks to be the last and we've all been there.  Remember we are in a community and we support one another!
  • Show Up On Time.  Yes this even applies to the owners and coaches! :-)  If everyone shows up a little early and jumps in when class starts, everyone can be out within the hour.  Plus, it's important to do mobility warm-up as a class.  The warm-up mobilizes the major joints, the shoulders and pelvic/hip girdle, preparing them for the skill, weightlifting and WOD.
  • Come to Class.  This applies to all members, newbies and coaches.  It's not ok to do your own thing whenever you want.  If your doing your own workouts, programmed by you, another box or organization, those "will not" be done during regular class times.  Those will be done during "Open Gym" times.  There's a myriad of reasons that we do have class, you're less likely to bias yourself towards the things you're good at; you'll get some competition and no matter how experienced your are, you still need coaching and your can still stand to work on the fundamentals. 
  • Cooperate and Be Considerate.  Sometimes WODS can be hard to organize especially if we have a big session or using a lot of equipment for the WOD.  Be patient, help out the coach and other members set equipment properly.  If you must share, arrange this before the WOD starts.  Don't take someone's equipment or assume they are okay with you jumping in without asking.
  • Greet New Members.  We all were the "New Person" at one point.  Take the initiative to greet guests and new members.  CrossFit can be very intimidating, especially when walking into and watching some fire breathers go at it during a WOD.  So a very friendly introduction can go a long way and really settle some nerves.
  • Be a Great Listener.  Save your chatting and socializing for before and after class.  When a coach is speaking, going over mobility, skill, weightlifting or the WOD, please do not carry on a conversation with your neighbor.  Even if you are a CrossFit veteran and you know all the movements, remember, there are members who don't or have forgotten and want to hear everything the coach says.  
  • Chalk and chalking your hands.  Chalk can get pretty messy, so do your absolute best to keep as much inside the bucket as possible, plus, it will last longer.  Please don't take chunks of chalk out of the buckets and leave it on a "J" hook, the floor or elsewhere.  It will get stepped on, a weight dropped on it or fall off the "J" hooks, then we have a snow storms on the floor.  If you noticed you drenched the floor, your abmat, medball, kettlebell, bar, bumpers sweat/chalk (which is fine and normal), wipe it down after the workout.  When sweat/chalk mix, it's not very sanitary and it breaks the equipment and stall mats quicker.  
  • Open Gym.  We have a few open gym time opportunities and we know work, school and life's schedule dictates when you can get to the box.  But with that said we encourage you to try and be part of the community and attend a regular class to get to know and workout with other members.  
  • Music in the Gym.  Headphones of any kind are not allowed in the gym, period.  Its a safety hazard and it does not lend to a community feel when you separate yourself with headphones.  It also does not allow you to hear or be part of coaching and instruction during class time.  Plus you could walk into somebody area as they are swinging a kettlebell, power/squat cleaning or snatching a bar and walk right into it.
  • Water Bottles and Trash.  Once you are done working out please check the area where you were and grab your own personal or plastic water bottle before you leave.  When it comes to trash make sure it gets into the trash can, so take an extra second to ensure its safe delivery. 

What Makes CrossFit Texoma (CFT) Different From Other CrossFit Facilities?

  • CFT is family owned and we want the box to have a family atmosphere
  • You feel like you own part of the box, because it feels like home
  • CFT's time and talents are invested in you
  • Success is not measured by money made, but how many personal records and goals you achieve
  • We don't measure by improvements in building and equipment upgrades we make, but by the improvements you make
  • We are successful, because you are successful and you tell other people your testimony of success

Do I Need A High Level Of Fitness, Athletic Background Or A CrossFit Background?

  • No we'll teach you everything you need to know, we adjust the program to you current fitness level and the program grows with you. 
  • Your first step is to try us out with two free days.  If we're a great fit, we'll sign you up for the 4 week introductory On-Ramp Course ($175.00) and teach you everything CrossFit
  • Once you graduate from On-Ramp Course you become a full fledged member!

Is The Fitness Training Right For Me?

  • Yes, only if you want the following exercise components of optimal physical fitness:
  1. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Agility
  9. Balance
  10. Accuracy
  • If you're not interested in your health and well being, then this isn't the right program for you

Is The On-Ramp Mandatory For Those New To CrossFit Or How About Those That Have Done CrossFit At Another Box?

  • Yes.  You'll be evaluated during the two free days that you can use and we'll determine whether or not you will need On-Ramp.

How Many Days Per Week Should I Train?

  • If you're looking to make changes and transform yourself, we recommend to come consistently 4+ days per week for the first 90 days to see results. 
  • We will help you evaluate at the end of the 90 days, if you are happy with your changes, then you can pull back to 3+ days per week.  If not, another 4+ days a week for 90 days and re-evaluate again at the end of the 90.

Just Four+ One Hour Classes Per Week?  I'll Have To Do More Outside Of CrossFit To Get Results, Right?

  • Absolutely Not!!!  CrossFit workouts are designed to be very intense that will put great positive stress on your body versus other narrow specialized fitness program like "cardio" training.  Adding additional training to CrossFit can actually slow down progress or possibly put you at risk for an injury!

Is The Workout Of The Day (WOD) All I Really Need?

  • That would be a "YES"!!!  That is if you're able to complete it going as hard and fast as possible at your fitness level.  The goal is to attack every workout and to tear it to shreds, again at your fitness level!  You should be utterly exhausted after you've completed the WOD!  This is the high intensity part of CrossFit and is required to get the maximum benefits.  Your body will provide positive neurological (nervous system) and endocrine (hormonal system) adaptation.  This is how we develop a high level of fitness, World-Class Fitness!!!